We build data-driven pricing strategies for your business with surgical precision and care, so you can make confident decisions and unlock new potential for growth.

We know every pricing decision you make feels like a gamble

That’s why we analyze your data and develop your pricing strategy with surgical precision and care. We make it easier to take cautious, profitable steps forward.


After completing my PhD in Economics, I have spent the past 15 years in the consulting industry, applying analytical models to solve pricing problems for my clients. 

Over that period, I have worked on well over 100 projects for more than 50 clients across all continents, industries and business models.

I love analytics and truly believe in the power of data and algorithms to drive (or support) business decisions. I created Keenalytix because I want pricing analytics initiatives to be successful and drive results for you, the decision-makers.

Fred Puech headshot

Fred Puech, PhD

Keenalytix Founder and Director

How We Work

Pricing Analytics + Strategy Process



At no cost to you, we define the true problems behind your pricing and develop an analytical solution for solving them.


Pricing Development
We get to work gathering strategic data, analyzing it, and building your pricing strategy. Then, we train your team on how to deploy it.


Implementation Support
Your team gets the support it needs to ensure you capture the expected pricing opportunities.

Surgical Precision



Helping you make confident pricing decisions.

Featured Case Studies

Optimizing Menu Prices in QSR

The company was a large quick service restaurants chain. They wanted to optimize menu prices to drive margins without impacting guest count.


Measuring Price Elasticity in Retail

The company was a large retailer of Athletic Apparel. They had recently taken a substantial price increase and were concerned that they weren’t getting the expected results.


Due Diligence Analytics for a PE Firm

The client was a mid-market private equity firm. They were considering the acquisition of an e-commerce business and needed an in-depth and data-driven assessment of the target company.

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