Pricing Analytics Case Studies and Use Cases


Optimizing Menu Prices in Quick Service Restaurants

The company was a large quick service restaurants chain. They wanted to optimize menu prices to drive margins without impacting guest count.


Measuring Price Elasticity in Apparel Retail

The company was a large retailer of Athletic Apparel. They had recently taken a substantial price increase and were concerned that they weren’t getting the expected results.

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Due Diligence Analytics for a Private Equity Firm

The client was a mid-market private equity firm. They were considering the acquisition of an e-commerce business and needed an in-depth and data-driven assessment of the target company.


Price and Promo Effectiveness in QSR

The client was a large national QSR. They needed an effective and accurate way to measure the impact of their quarterly price increases and monthly promotions.


Addressing Pricing Dispersion in B2B Distribution

The company was a mid-market B2B online distributor of automotive parts. They were on a niche, albeit very competitive market, with about a dozen of similar-size direct competitors.

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Optimizing Shipping Prices in B2B Logistics

The company was in the logistics and transportation industry, with a sizeable B2B business servicing multiple industries. The company had clear policies in place but was struggling with compliance.

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