Pricing Analytics Services

Unlock your profit potential by making confident pricing decisions based on the right data and strategy.


Analytics for Tactical Pricing Decisions

Address your Pricing Fundamentals to quickly take back control and gain immediate lift in your in revenue.
    • You know you need to reprice customers and products, and you need to do it fast, but you don’t know where to start and don’t have a pricing strategy in place.


    • We deliver short-term, tactical pricing recommendations by customer and product, based on an in-depth analysis of your historical sales data.


  • Minimal change management required.
  • Gain a disciplined approach to pricing which keeps everyone on the same page.

  • Eliminate runaway discounting and promos by sales/marketing teams

  • Identify and unlock quick-wins

Minimize bias and “gut decisions” in your pricing.

Analytics for Pricing Strategy & Optimization

Unlock sustained growth and profit for the long-term with advanced and “deep dive” analytics to support your strategic decision-making.
    • You need to decide what you should do with your pricing, not just short-term, but long-term and on an ongoing basis. You are building for the the future.


    • We deliver advanced and “deep dive” analytics, including price and promo optimization models, to support strategic decision-making.


  • Significant change management required.
  • Open up new possibilities and ideas

  • Be proactive rather than reactive in your pricing

  • Gain a disciplined approach to pricing which keeps everyone on the same page

Your business deserves more than just a one-time spike after a promo or price change, it deserves a data-driven pricing strategy that you can implement confidently over several years.

Analytics for Pricing Performance Measurement

Quantify the impact of your pricing decisions.

    • You are a few weeks after a major pricing change and want to measure the impact of that change on your business: did we grow revenue? Did we lose customers? Did we drive traffic with the promo?


    • We deliver unambiguous pricing performance assessment by using state-of-the-art impact assessment methods used in a wide range of industries.


  • No change management required.
  • Know the true impact of your pricing and promotions

  • Identify where it worked and where it didn’t

  • Get the full story, not metrics in a vacuum

No one wants to take a price increase and see zero impact on revenue. Know you’re making decisions based on proven techniques.

Our clients make confident pricing decisions.


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